So in preparation for the convention, I wanted to have some large scale posters for sale. This all sounded great, until I realized what SIZE my artwork needed to be in order to make such things. Normally I’m used to creating artwork designated for smaller prints – 8.5 x 11 at a resolution of 200 or 300. This is what I was used to making.

Then I decided that I wanted to make posters. BIG posters. The kinds that you used to (or still do, hopefully) hang up in your room, on your door, the big ones that take up a large chunk of your wall. So the standard size I’ve found was about 2 by 3… FEET. This was really huge for me. I thought that I could convert some of my high res art to fit this size, but if I wanted it to look GOOD, I’d have to make sure that the resolution was still high, even when transferred to 24 by 36 inches.

The printer I am going with offered a pretty good deal for me, but the catch as always is high volume. I have to have several prints ready to be printed before I can get these done. I had a couple of pieces that already fit the criteria for 2 x 3 at 300dpi (that’s over 11,000 ((eleven THOUSAND!)) pixels high, for you photoshop nerds), I also made a point to create all future artwork at this size so that I could potentially turn it into a poster.

But HOLY COW it really took a toll on my computer’s RAM. But luckily I have a pretty powerful computer right now that I use for my day job so it doesn’t get too bogged down when I am shading a 11,000 pixel high image with 30 layers and effects. Hah! It’s still pretty slow though.

SO the point of this post was to say what I’m working on. What I’m doing is converting some of my artwork that was too small to make into posters, into a poster-high enough resolution. I physically stretch it out in photoshop, and then I go over the inks and colours with a fine brush to make sure that the image remains sharp even at 2 by 3 feet (when the original was created for an 8.5 x 11 image).

Here is a screenshot of what I’ve been spending my last 10 arting hours doing lately. I have been busy, but the outcome will sadly not really be noticeable. To most it will just look like the same picture but bigger, and not truly understand all the work that went into making it printable at such a large scale. I hope this sells, haha. If not, I will at least hang a copy of it in my office 😀

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