kinaselfie I’m fortunate enough to be working at a really great company that among many other things, silkscreens Tshirts as well! I decided to make a design of my octopus garden picture. After having the shirts on sale at Anime Weekend Atlanta, I still have a bunch left. Check them out in my Shop if you’d like to grab one for yourself! They are made on normal shirts (not fitted) Adult sizes and a couple in youth, size medium (for the kids :D). The design is something I’ve waited forever to get drawn; a fun idea I had one day and felt like putting onto paper. It was drawn by hand and then later on traced using Illustrator.

I caught a video of them silkscreening it at my office, too! They let me watch while it was being done. At my job I only prep the positives and the artwork files, I don’t have any part in the actual printing of the shirts. But I really love watching!


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