New Stickers

Ever since a friend told me about Standout Stickers, I kept track of all the other awesome stickers that they made for other people. It was fun seeing the artists’ websites and checking out other things they may have made. Then I got wind of the sticker club that they started. The Stickers Club started last year and I was immediately hooked. I signed up without a second’s hesitation. Who WOULDN’T want 2 new vinyl stickers sent to you personally in the mail? I love getting real mail and I’m a sucker for big shiny stickers so it was a given, haha.
Fox Sticker Preview
Anyway, I followed them attentively and was happily pasting the stickers I got in the mail on everything I owned that could take stickers. Namely sketchbook covers, laptops, phones, notebooks, etc. It came to the fact that I would purposely buy something with a flat boring cover so that I could adorn it with stickers

So then after keeping in touch with them through Facebook, I was ecstatic to learn that they wanted me to contribute some artwork for the 2014 lineup of stickers! I worked on a few concepts but ended up with something I think you’ll all like 🙂 I can’t release it just yet, but it will become public this upcoming March!

Accepting Commissions

So as I said in my Commissions section, I am now accepting them again. HOWEVER! I do have a waiting list because I have accumulated a couple that people have requested that I couldn’t get to last fall. So I will post a list as to where you will stand if you request something from me. Please be patient! I ALWAYS get to the work requested of me, but sometimes it may take a while. But I should be caught up very soon.

Art on the Horizon

Cluster-habitat-tree-paintingSo I recently left my job at Jaxco. It was really hard to do because there are so many great people there and it really felt like working for / with family. It was ideal work too, but I was getting very run down because of the commute (over an hour to get there). Plus family life at home left me drained and depressed at the end of the day. So I had to leave, mostly for personal reasons and sanity. I learned so much though, and it was definitely worth it! I’ve never worked at a real company doing purely graphics for commercial printing. I learned so much.

I am going to change gears a bit and try freelancing until the spring, and to use that time to catch up and re-connect with myself and my work. In doing so, I aim to focus on creating a new body of work, mostly traditional paintings, that are consistent and conceptually sound. It’s something I haven’t really done since University days, but I think it will be a lot of fun. I want t pursue the tree series I started in November, and hopefully expand on some concepts I’ve been thinking up over the past few years.

I’d also love to move away from doing primarily illustration to doing “real” paintings that I could show and sell in a gallery. Yunno, grow up a it 😉 I want to do it in a way that won’t take away the joy and “whimsy” I have in the work that I love to do, but I still want to focus on technical advancement and theory.

Anyway, Wish me luck! And Happy New Year 🙂

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