So much going on. But that’s life isn’t it? In the past couple of months there have been a lot of changes. Some of you already know that I made the move from Charleston, SC back to my hometown in Canada (Ottawa). It’s been nuts! Moving countries, especially after being there for almost 5 years, is difficult. You plant roots in all sorts of places you never imagined, and it’s hard to re-adjust.

The biggest obstacle was the move itself. Packing up an entire house and driving up the entire east coast wasn’t really fun, but it had to be done. Definitely cheaper than flying it all! The move itself took about 2 days of driving plus stops to eat and rest. Everyone was really well behaved, especially Felix who didn’t mind sleeping all day 2 days straight while in his carrier. He was so good!

Upon arrival in Canada, I started settling in. My room is still kind of sparse but hey it’ll do! Here shown is the other cat, Dizzy, checking out my desk. I haven’t done much unpacking because we are staying with family right now and it isn’t really a permanent solution so things are still kind of everywhere for now. The next big thing was securing some kind of work. I took a bunch of commissions through Facebook and my website, as well as through Kijiji. I started to feel like I could totally do this full time… if I was only responsible for sustaining myself. It’s kind of hard to support a family on an artist’s income. I could probably live on my own quite comfortably but not with a family. The other pic in there is of my girlfriends, having an art weekend! It was long overdue <3

A random selection of some of the commissions that I’ve one since I arrived in Canada, in no particular order.

So again once I was a little more settled in, I was in full time job searching mode. I spent a lot of my days applying for work and I got a couple of interviews. At one point I ended up taking a test at Mercury Filmworks. I took a test to be a character builds artist and didn’t hear back for a while. I kind of wrote it off in my mind since I had other opportunities that were making themselves known as well as commissions to keep track of.

I was about to take a job as a summer camp instructor doing robotics classes, which I wasn’t entirely certain I was very qualified for, when I got the job offer for the Builds artist at Mercury!

I was super excited to get the job and I started working last week. So far it’s been insanely challenging learning the new software. I feel incredibly intimidated and inspired all the time. There are dozens of talented artists everywhere I look and everyone is better at doing what they do than me. It’s a bit overwhelming but still I’m trying my best to produce the greatest work that I can. I also have a pretty wicked trainer so I’m not complaining 😉

Needless to say, that starting the full time job 9-5 type deal (which is more like 7am to 6pm because of commuting and family stuff) I haven’t had much time to get my commissions finished. I do however have lots of time on the bus to crochet and read books which is a nice change from my last job where I had to drive the hour myself and couldn’t do much but listen to audio books and the radio. So I’ve gotten some progress done on my crochet dolls and crafts which is a nice bonus! I have a couple projects on the go art-wise, including illustrations for someone’s book, as well as a potential comic book project that I am illustrating, and both of those things are kind of eating up my free time outside of work. Yunno and family, friends and the chores that come along with just every day living!

Here’s hoping that all of you are well on your way to having an awesome summer. Hope you’re enjoying the longest day of the year!

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