So far 2015…

SO I’ve been lazy on here. A lot of reasons. Here is my list of excuses for ignoring my website updates:

1. April 2014 I moved from the States back up to Canada. Moving stinks. So does job hunting! Haha.
2. I did not attend any conventions (for selling purposes) because most of my gear was still scattered between two countries.
3. Instagram and Facebook have remained updated at least!
4. As of February 2015 I am in a new house – permanently – in Ottawa, Canada.
5. I will be attending Ottawa Comiccon May 8-10th!

I had to skip out on Anime Weekend Atlanta in September 2014 because of my move to Canada. In previous years when I attended, it was much easier because I lived only 5 hours away from Atlanta in Charleston, SC. But now that I’m in Canada, the cost of actually GETTING to the con would have been way more than I could have hoped to make back in profit, so I had to opt out. It was mostly because the air fare at that time of year wasn’t cheap. I don’t know if I’ll be going again any time soon, at least not unless I can somewhat guarantee that I’d make more sales which is sort of impossible. It’s up you guys out in the great abyss of the internet to make me famous :p (I kid.. ok maybe not really.. but yeah. LOL)

What’s In Store

The next con I am confirmed and registered for is the Ottawa Comic Convention in May 2015. I have a table confirmed and am slowly accumulating more stuff to bring to it. I’m going to try to do 1 or 2 cons per year (just the local ones, so Ottawa and Montreal) so that I can focus on making sure I have some new stuff every year and re-stocking the stuff that sells well.

So for the Ottawa Comiccon I plan on having the following items:
– Prints of my artwork as usual
– New & old button designs, now available as magnets and keyrings as well (black circles are areas for new designs I haven’t finished yet)
– Crochet plushies, including owls, creatures, doughnuts, possibly more!
– Stickers! Lots and lots of stickers
– I may have some custom painted shoes on display, some for sale too
– T-Shirts
– Bookmarks, new and old

If you’re local, I hope to see you there! If you don’t plan on making it out but are interested in my wares, I will be making a point of adding all of my merchandise to Etsy after the convention.


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