So Ottawa Comiccon is over! Definitely bittersweet. I’m glad the excitement is over and that I don’t have to spend the next few weeks dreading a deadline. But at the same time I had a ton of fun, met some awesome new people and saw a lot of great friends at the con as well.

There was so much amazing art there, and many new artists I had never seen before as well. I didn’t see much of the con itself but wow it was huge! It’s neat to see a local con get so popular. I’m glad I went, and I have reserved my table to come back again next year.

I did a few commissions and sold lots of my crochet items as well. I no longer have any more owls or octopi in my inventory, and almost all of my doughnuts are gone too, they seemed to be a bit hit.

Here are some pictures from the weekend (below).

Also wanted to mention that I am taking pre-orders for the a stormtrooper tshirt design. See the attachments below for info. if you’d like to pre-order a shirt please let me know before the end of the week!

Thanks to everyone who came out and said hi, and hope to see you again next year.

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