show-and-tell-winter-prev4 Paola Bauer and I are proud to present our next upcoming exhibition for Show and Tell at Brixton’s; a show themed for Valentine’s day. The theme is “Love/Hate” and will be accepting emerging female talent from the city to display their works from February to April.

For more information about the artists who will be showing and about the event itself, please see the site I created for Show and Tell, We are currently not looking for any additional artists but encourage you to keep us in mind as we are expecting to plan a show for late spring around Mother’s Day.

treesI will personally be submitting 3 paintings to this show. I am working on the first one right now, entitled “Twisted Trees”. It’s my own take on a love/hate theme using nature. It’s in acrylic, and 16″ x 20″ and will be for sale at Brixton’s as of February 8th.

Come support some wonderful local talent starting February 8th! Valentine’s Day may not be your favourite holiday or even one you choose to celebrate, but buying original artwork always makes a beautifully unique gift for any occasion.

There is no opening night show for this event due to the fact that February is usually not very friendly weather-wise. We are busy planning our next event however so keep us bookmarked! Stay up-to-date with the new Show and Tell Facebook Page I created. Thanks for your support!

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