troop-order-form-2016-V1Here is a design I made last summer for Ottawa Comiccon. I made Tshirts and Stickers out of it and I was quite pleased with it, considering it started out just as a doodle and then kind of morphed into this full out design that friends convinced me to put onto merchandise. I’m glad I did because both local suppliers for the stickers and the shirts were amazing to work with and made great products with my design.

Anyway, I am running low on the initial order of shirts and have decided to do another run of pre-orders. I have to do pre-orders because I cannot predict how many shirts I will need and in which sizes. It’s mostly to avoid unnecessary inventory buildup and storage. I could just guess and buy a bunch of different sizes and colours, but it would be a waste of money and then I may end up with shirts that never sell. So now is the time to ask YOU what you’d like.

If you want to pre-order a shirt, you must do so by e-mailing me at, indicating the type, size, colour and method of payment before April 23rd.

The primary pickup time for the shirts will be at Ottawa Comiccon, May 13th to 15th. After that for those local to Ottawa, I will be hand delivering the shirts or make them available for pickup.

For those out of town, I will be shipping the shirts for whatever the cost will be to ship them to you. The prices for shipping on the flyer above are approximate, it will depend how heavy the package is (Shirt Size and type) as well as where it is being shipped to.

Here are some shots from the last run of shirts and some pictures of the beautiful people wearing them!

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