kinainkSo lately I’ve been torn as to what to do with my website. Whenever I’ve neglected my website for a few weeks.. ok months.. ok maybe a year.. I get the urge for some change. When REALLY I should just be updating my site on a regular basis to keep it up to date and interesting. So I added some new paintings and graphics, as you can see in the portfolio screenshot to the left.

Really there was nothing wrong with my layout theme (this is a purchased theme which I customized and love it) but there were a few things bothering me. I didn’t like how the top area took up so much space, and the slider was a bit of a pain to update, and I wanted my website to be more personalized and journal-blog like than before. So I went shopping around for new layouts but ended up right back where I started. And instead I’ve been thinking of ways to hack up this layout to tweak it to how I’d like it.

kinaink2 I have not yet achieved the “After” image as you can see by the current layout, but I going towards it slowly. I have been crunching up the CSS/html and PHP stuffs to get it to look how I want it to and save on some space. It’s slow going because it’s a lot of tinkering, but I prefer this to getting an entirely new layout.

Anyway, layouts have always intrigued me and I love tinkering with stuff for fun as opposed to doing it for work. I think I learn the most that way. I may change up the colours when spring arrives, just to keep things fresh. I’ll try to be better at updating content on here as well 🙂 Enjoy!

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