13082563_10100457048119184_7639047789627474505_nWOW what a show. It was a good time. It took up my entire life for about a week, which most of you who watch me stream art on Twitch will have noticed. I wasn’t online much, I was mostly outside in my backyard painting and stenciling cardboard boxes.

To give some background, basically there was a rave or ‘party’ that a friend of mine told me about a few months ago. I was like “Hey! I’ve been to a rave thrown by those same people and it was awesome!” I also knew that the last party they threw had AWESOME props, art and decorations and a vendor’s area. So I got in touch with the organizer to ask about art.

The organizer said that they were indeed seeking help for making props for their next show which would be Tank Girl themed (the comic turned movie). So I volunteered to make some props and contribute some artwork.

When the week of the event came, that’s when most things got created. I created props alongside my artsy partner Paola and from other friends of course too, and we made all sorts of cardboard planes, a GIANT plane, and some crates/boxes all with a war theme. It was a lot of fun and everything looked great on the night of the event!

Some of these photos are courtesy Lakyn Marie Felix Photography

Also to be uploaded, some Tank Girl character drawings I created for the show. They will be for sale on Etsy, since they did not sell at the actual show. Though raves are not notoriously good places for buying and selling art, at least it received lots of exposure!

On to the future.. upcoming events are looking something like this:

May 7th: Hanging up old & new paintings at Moksha Yoga Orleans

May 13-15: Ottawa Comic-Con Table in the artist alley selling art

June 11: Art Auction for Show and Tell at Brixton’s

June 18: GOING TO SPAIN! <3

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