I’m gearing up for my daughter’s birthday party. I’m looking to make cupcakes as party favors. I’m glad there won’t be many invitees because after this weekend I realized how slow it is to make amigurumi (crochet) cupcakes! Lots of fun though, and they are super cute. So far I have just done the cupcakes themselves and begun the cupcake papers. Then on to the fun stuff like frosting and sprinkles!

I drove up to the cottage this weekend with my friend Sarah and we both had an intense work weekend. Though I feel like at times we did more ant chasing (to get them out of the cottage) and bug swatting than actual working. Also always being shocked at how quickly the time flew by!

We had a great time though. The weather was perfect even though we didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy it. The drive there and back was good (i.e. uneventful) and we definitely got more done than we would have if we were to have stayed home. Sarah worked on a couple commissions, one digital and one Sailor Moon on wood panel which you can see in one of the images.

Hurray for art weekends!

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