Painting on wall with plants

As of June 1st, my cloud series has been hanging at Moksha Yoga Orleans. The last time I had my work show there was in 2016, with my first series of paintings that I completed after I left my job in the animation industry in 2015. I feel like my work has changed a lot since then and I’m quite happy to see the progression, though I still feel like it has a long way to go.

The cloud series, as I’ve loosely been referring to the pieces I started in late 2017, are something of an experiment I started once I made the decision to switch to oil paint for my portfolio works. I still use acrylic paint, mostly at Art Battle and for my painting instruction. Acrylic will always be my first go-to for ‘sketching’ out ideas in paint or just for fun or practice. Oil paints are still very new to me. I made the transition because I was getting comments that my acrylic paintings resembled that of oil paintings, and that I could save a lot of time by blending with oils instead of having to constantly re-mix my colours with acrylics.

The experience has been interesting. I cannot say that I prefer oils to acrylic, but they do offer a nice alternative. Working with oils is sometimes more frustrating in some ways (such as the slow drying time) but also more liberating as far as being able to blend on the canvas for much longer periods of time. It has taught me to use my strokes more wisely, and not to use too much paint. Every stroke counts, since you do not want to turn your canvas into mud in the first hour of working on it. Oil paintings definitely have to be more thought out and planned than my previous acrylic ones where every hour was a dry canvas once more.

These paintings have been publicly displayed at RAW this past April. While only one of them has sold, it still joins the others in showing now at Moksha.

In August 2017, I began the Energy Exchange program at Moksha, which consists of using my time to complete tasks around the studio in exchange for free yoga. These tasks are mostly of a janitorial nature, such as cleaning up after classes, doing laundry, keeping things tidy, etc. I have definitely begun feeling at home at the studio, as all of the teachers and staff are very open and friendly. It has become a place of relaxation and I look forward to my volunteer time. In exchange I get unlimited yoga practice time so the deal is a good one. (They are always looking for more ambassadors for the Energy Exchange program.)

You do not have to be part of the Energy Exchange program at Moksha Yoga Orleans to display your work. They are very supportive of the community in practically every aspect (from having charity classes to food drives or volunteering at soup kitchens). If you are interested in showing your work there, give them a shout either in person or through an e-mail.


Photos by Jon Eng

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