For years our family has enjoyed a cottage about two hours north of our home. Usually we go as a group on weekends in the summer. Of course I always brought art supplies and different projects but the weekends would inevitably fly by with outdoor activities and be over before I knew it… And that giant bag of “things to do” never ever gets opened, if it even makes it out of the car!So at the beginning of 2018 I made a decision to be bold and selfish; and booked a week at the cottage to spend by myself. No family or friends. Just me, all of my art supplies, and nature. Okay, maybe a cat for some company.I packed up all of my oil paints, acrylics, drawing supplies, crochet, books to read, and laptop for some digital art. My Honda Fit lived up to its name. My art supplies, food for the week, and a cat on top all crammed in tight for the trip.I have a few goals for the trip.1. No messenger, internet browsing or video distractions.2. Some kind of naturey outing daily3. Art all day every day!I started the trip at 6am with Milo this morning. We caught an incredibly beautiful sunrise on the way!First a trip to visit friends for the weekend, and then on Monday my art retreat begins. Here’s hoping I can stay distraction-free and get lots done.

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