Mosaic Table Construction – Part 1

I’ve been in Panama for the past week and a half visiting family. Part vacation, part family reunion of sorts. It’s a yearly destination for our family to visit. We are staying in the mountains, in an area called Altos del Maria. It’s really an amazing place. One thing you see in a lot of the architecture are stone work and tiles. Since the temperature uear-round is fairly mild/warm, a lot of the architecture is open. Windows rarely ever shut, indoor spaces are often mixed with outdoor spaces. It’s a ton of fun ūüôā

My grandfather is always building. He repurposed an old satellite dish, flipped it upsidedown and filled it with cement and plastered it to a post and now it’s a table. He asked me to design a mosaic for the top of it. I was only supposed to do the design but once I saw all of the tiles I really wanted to take charge of the project.

Here’s what it looks like so far!


This past weekend I was in Montreal at Otakuthon, an anime convention held at the Palais de Congres. I was in the Artist Alley selling my artwork alongside Extramuffins and MaureenCreates. We sold lots of art! Mostly buttons and magnets, bookmarks and stickers! Good times were had!

Crafty Weekend

I’m gearing up for my daughter’s birthday party. I’m looking to make cupcakes as party favors. I’m glad there won’t be many invitees because after this weekend I realized how slow it is to make amigurumi (crochet) cupcakes! Lots of fun though, and they are super cute. So far I have just done the cupcakes themselves and begun the cupcake papers. Then on to the fun stuff like frosting and sprinkles!

I drove up to the cottage this weekend with my friend Sarah and we both had an intense work weekend. Though I feel like at times we did more ant chasing (to get them out of the cottage) and bug swatting than actual working. Also always being shocked at how quickly the time flew by!

We had a great time though. The weather was perfect even though we didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy it. The drive there and back was good (i.e. uneventful) and we definitely got more done than we would have if we were to have stayed home. Sarah worked on a couple commissions, one digital and one Sailor Moon on wood panel which you can see in one of the images.

Hurray for art weekends!

Moksha Yoga Orleans Exhibition

I’m happy to say that I have my most recent painting, the Leafy Sea Dragon, on display at Moksha Yoga Orleans. The paintings were hung up on May 19th and the exhibition includes some of my older and newer work. The pieces are almost all for sale and will be up on display for about 3 months. I’m really excited to have my work in a location that is so close to home. I spend many hours there and am super excited to have their support!

Tank Girl Show + Upcoming Events

13082563_10100457048119184_7639047789627474505_nWOW what a show. It was a good time. It took up my entire life for about a week, which most of you who watch me stream art on Twitch will have noticed. I wasn’t online much, I was mostly outside in my backyard painting and stenciling cardboard boxes.

To give some background, basically there was a rave or ‘party’ that a friend of mine told me about a few months ago. I was like “Hey! I’ve been to a rave thrown by those same people and it was awesome!” I also knew that the last party they threw had AWESOME props, art and decorations and a vendor’s area. So I got in touch with the organizer to ask about art.

The organizer said that they were indeed seeking help for making props for their next show which would be Tank Girl themed (the comic turned movie). So I volunteered to make some props and contribute some artwork.

When the week of the event came, that’s when most things got created. I created props alongside¬†my artsy partner Paola and from other friends of course too, and we made all sorts of cardboard planes, a GIANT plane, and some crates/boxes all with a war theme. It was a lot of fun and everything looked great on the night of the event!

Some of these photos are courtesy Lakyn Marie Felix Photography

Also to be uploaded, some Tank Girl character drawings I created for the show. They will be for sale on Etsy, since they did not sell at the actual show. Though raves are not notoriously good places for buying and selling art, at least it received lots of exposure!

On to the future.. upcoming events are looking something like this:

May 7th: Hanging up old & new paintings at Moksha Yoga Orleans

May 13-15: Ottawa Comic-Con Table in the artist alley selling art

June 11: Art Auction for Show and Tell at Brixton’s

June 18: GOING TO SPAIN! <3

Sketch Card Giveaway

This was such a fun day. In celebration of getting 400 followers in my Twitch channel, I had a special giveaway stream where every 15 minutes I would raffle a 10 minute sketch to the viewers. I had 16 winners over about 4 hours. The requests for art were all over the place. It was a lot of fun!

I’m thinking of holding another one at another landmark number. Since I had such amazing support for the 400 follower giveaway, I actually reached nearly 500 followers only days later so having another giveaway at 500 is probably not feasible. So I’m thinking either 666, 777, 888 or maybe just 1000. Thoughts?

Check out my Patreon page for special new exclusive content weekly!

Patreon Account

Patreon-Logo I setup a Patreon account the other day. Go check it out! It’s a way to support artists and creators online. You subscribe monthly and get goodies along the way. I’ll be using all funds towards art supplies and taking care of my cats :3

If you become a Patron then you will receive access to art before other people see it, some exclusive content and videos I’ll be adding soon, as well as if you donate one of the higher amounts you will be entitled to some free artwork or stickers & other goodies in the mail. Be sure to check out other great artists on Patreon as well!

New Portfolio Items

kinainkSo lately I’ve been torn as to what to do with my website. Whenever I’ve neglected my website for a few weeks.. ok months.. ok maybe a year.. I get the urge for some change. When REALLY I should just be updating my site on a regular basis to keep it up to date and interesting. So I added some new paintings and graphics, as you can see in the portfolio screenshot to the left.

Really there was nothing wrong with my layout theme (this is a purchased theme which I customized and love it) but there were a few things bothering me. I didn’t like how the top area took up so much space, and the slider was a bit of a pain to update, and I wanted my website to be more personalized and journal-blog like than before. So I went shopping around for new layouts but ended up right back where I started. And instead I’ve been thinking of ways to hack up this layout to tweak it to how I’d like it.

kinaink2 I have not yet achieved the “After” image as you can see by the current layout, but I going towards it slowly. I have been crunching up the CSS/html and PHP stuffs to get it to look how I want it to and save on some space. It’s slow going because it’s a lot of tinkering, but I prefer this to getting an entirely new layout.

Anyway, layouts have always intrigued me and I love tinkering with stuff for fun as opposed to doing it for work. I think I learn the most that way. I may change up the colours when spring arrives, just to keep things fresh. I’ll try to be better at updating content on here as well ūüôā Enjoy!

Day of the Dead Stormtrooper Shirts – PREORDER

troop-order-form-2016-V1Here is a design I made last summer for Ottawa Comiccon. I made Tshirts and Stickers out of it and I was quite pleased with it, considering it started out just as a doodle and then kind of morphed into this full out design that friends convinced me to put onto merchandise. I’m glad I did because both local suppliers for the stickers and the shirts were amazing to work with and made great products with my design.

Anyway, I am running low on the initial order of shirts and have decided to do another run of pre-orders. I have to do pre-orders because I cannot predict how many shirts I will need and in which sizes. It’s mostly to avoid unnecessary inventory buildup and storage. I could just guess and buy a bunch of different sizes and colours, but it would be a waste of money and then I may end up with shirts that never sell. So now is the time to ask YOU what you’d like.

If you want to pre-order a shirt, you must do so by e-mailing me at, indicating the type, size, colour and method of payment before April 23rd.

The primary pickup time for the shirts will be at Ottawa Comiccon, May 13th to 15th. After that for those local to Ottawa, I will be hand delivering the shirts or make them available for pickup.

For those out of town, I will be shipping the shirts for whatever the cost will be to ship them to you. The prices for shipping on the flyer above are approximate, it will depend how heavy the package is (Shirt Size and type) as well as where it is being shipped to.

Here are some shots from the last run of shirts and some pictures of the beautiful people wearing them!

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