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Summer of Changes

So much going on. But that’s life isn’t it? In the past couple of months there have been a lot of changes. Some of you already know that I made the move from Charleston, SC back to my hometown in Canada... Read The Rest →

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A Breakdown On How I Paint Shoes

People always seem to be pretty surprised with the shoes that I make. It’s funny because they see it as something completely outlandish, unique and one of a kind. I say this is “funny” because everyone I know has the ability... Read The Rest →

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Daily Sketches

As important as it’s been for me to eat and exercise every day, I’ve realized it’s just as important to sketch every day. Even if it’s a silly doodle that doesn’t really go anywhere. I’ve been trying to do at least... Read The Rest →

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Visit in Panama

So I’ve always been hesitant at posting anything personal or non-art related on here because this is my.. art site? Well I think that might change, since if people only wanted to see my art, they would probably just watch my... Read The Rest →

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Happy New Year!

New Stickers Ever since a friend told me about Standout Stickers, I kept track of all the other awesome stickers that they made for other people. It was fun seeing the artists’ websites and checking out other things they may have... Read The Rest →

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Jailbreak Paintings – Tree Series

This is a series of work that I did in preparation for an art event in Charleston, South Carolina; “Jailbreak.” I created 5 paintings in the theme of the work I’ve been doing for a story I’m writing. These are colour... Read The Rest →