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Ottawa Comiccon Aftermath

So Ottawa Comiccon is over! Definitely bittersweet. I’m glad the excitement is over and that I don’t have to spend the next few weeks dreading a deadline. But at the same time I had a ton of fun, met some awesome... Read The Rest →

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2015 Ottawa Comic Convention

So far 2015… SO I’ve been lazy on here. A lot of reasons. Here is my list of excuses for ignoring my website updates: 1. April 2014 I moved from the States back up to Canada. Moving stinks. So does job... Read The Rest →

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Summer of Changes

So much going on. But that’s life isn’t it? In the past couple of months there have been a lot of changes. Some of you already know that I made the move from Charleston, SC back to my hometown in Canada... Read The Rest →

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A Breakdown On How I Paint Shoes

People always seem to be pretty surprised with the shoes that I make. It’s funny because they see it as something completely outlandish, unique and one of a kind. I say this is “funny” because everyone I know has the ability... Read The Rest →

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Daily Sketches

As important as it’s been for me to eat and exercise every day, I’ve realized it’s just as important to sketch every day. Even if it’s a silly doodle that doesn’t really go anywhere. I’ve been trying to do at least... Read The Rest →

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Visit in Panama

So I’ve always been hesitant at posting anything personal or non-art related on here because this is my.. art site? Well I think that might change, since if people only wanted to see my art, they would probably just watch my... Read The Rest →