About Kina

Hi I’m Kina and I am an artist based in Ottawa, Canada.

 My life as an artist is an ongoing practice of lovingly reminding myself and others of our right to do what we love and the inherent value, beauty and bravery of this pursuit.

My practice is centred around personal and community play, messy magic and the untamed expression of our inner child and truest self.

I dare to create what brings me joy, and urge others to do the same.



 Christina “Kina” Forney is a multidisciplinary artist currently practicing acrylic and oil painting from The Loft Art Studios in Ottawa. She received her

bachelor of fine arts from Concordia University in Montreal. She co-founded the artist collective Artawa with her partner in 2016. She currently teaches painting and drawing to all ages at the Ottawa School of Arts in Orleans and the Beacon Hill Craft Club. She is also a member of the Urban Art Collective.

Artist CV

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