About Kina

My name is Kina Forney and I am a Canadian freelance painter, illustrator and graphic artist. I currently work from home in Ottawa, Ontario creating artwork and taking care of my family. I create paintings that focus on exaggerating or enhancing interesting and beautiful elements I see in natural subjects using primarily bright colours and high contrast. I work by brainstorming digitally and creating final products in acrylic and/or oils. I also enjoy creating and selling products showcasing my illustrations and paintings, primarily through Etsy.


About Kina Ink

Kina Ink is a personal logo, alias and website that I use to display my artwork and use as a personal blog. I’ve had a website for over a decade now, since about 1999/2000. My first website was techno_shrooms.tripod.com in 1999, in 2000 I had soap_suds.tripod.com. In 2001 I registered Kina Ink. I’ve always tried to have a personal website, even with the coming and going of platforms such as Deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. It is important to me to retain an online presence in the form of my own personal website. Social media is a tool, but a personal website is a home. I try to use this as a place to show what I am working on, what’s going in my life at the time, as well as use it as a portal for people to gain access to contact me and see what I am working on.

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