About Kina Ink

Kina Ink is a personal website that I use to display my artwork and use as a personal blog. I’ve had a website for over a decade now, since about 1999/2000. I’ve always tried to have a personal website, even with the coming and going of websites such as Deviantart, Facebook, and Tumblr. I try to use this as a place to show what I am working on, what’s going in my life at the time, as well as use it as a portal for people to gain access to contact me, commission me or purchase my artwork as well.

I had tutorials on here a while back, but they are painfully out of date and probably irrelevant by now. I am currently working on making more of them which you can access through my Patreon and / or Twitch accounts.

Eventually I will be adding more downloadable content such as desktop wallpapers, as well as textures, fonts and icons, as I get the time to make them. But for now, this is sort of my personal space, art showcase, and blog page.

About Kina

My name is Kina Forney and I am a graphic artist, illustrator, and designer. I was born and raised in Canada, both in Montreal and Ottawa (bilingual YAY!) and I currently reside in Ottawa, Ontario.

Not listed in order of preference, I enjoy eating, cooking, making and listening to music (I play the piano and the cello), arts & crafts, playing with kids and animals. I love the outdoors and I do my best to respect the environment. I harass others to reuse and recycle.

Someday I would love to write and illustrate children’s books, though I would settle for just illustrating them.

I went to school for art once upon a time, though the anime cartooning style I usually use is primarily self taught, as are my Photoshop and computer skills. I earned my bachelor of fine arts degree with a specialization in computation arts (with distinction) from Concordia Univeristy, Montreal, Canada in 2009.

These days I’m working freelance as an illustrator, graphic designer and traditional painter.

20 Random Facts About Me

  1. I like to knit and crochet though I haven’t made anything for myself in over 5 years.
  2. I volunteer as an arts and crafts teacher / assistant cook once a year at a summer camp
  3. I have two cats, both rescued strays
  4. My favourite flavour of bubble tea is green tea flavoured with green apple
  5. Every year I fail at raising a bountiful vegetable garden but apparently I’m very good at growing trees
  6. I’ve been to 4 continents
  7. I speak fluent French, and have attempted (without success) to learn Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Serbian
  8. I’ve had brown, blonde, blue, orange, green, pink and purple hair
  9. I’ve also gotten a buzz cut once, that was pretty fun
  10. I presently enjoy an obsession with owls
  11. I am a pescatarian; I don’t eat meat, but fish and dairy are ok
  12. I’ve read all the books and watched all the games of Halo being played, but have never actually played myself
  13. I’ve driven up and down the east coast more than half a dozen times (from FL to Canada)
  14. I “painted” my first pair of shoes when I was bored on a very long road trip in Africa and had nothing but a pen
  15. I went to a specialized art high school in 9th grade but found it way too intense so I left after a year
  16. I have a hard time saying no
  17. I love helping decorate other people’s houses but have never taken the time to decorate my own
  18. I have 00 gauge ear lobes
  19. I’m pretty good at doing head & shoulder stands
  20. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with stationery, paper, and school/office supplies