Picture of Kina with chin resting in hand at cottage

Kina Forney

Kina Forney was born in 1985 in Montreal, Canada. She developed an interest in art at an early age and could always be found drawing from life, making up her own stories and illustrating characters. In high school she started painting through the visual arts program at Canterbury in 1999. In 2000 however she switched programs and studied digital art and graphic / web design at Sir Wilfried Laurier Secondary School.

Painting became part of her practice again upon attending Concordia University in Montreal. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting & Drawing) and graduated with a specialization in Computation Arts in 2009. Since graduating, she has worked both freelance and for the private and public sectors doing graphic design, character building for animation, print design and web design.

In 2015 she left the corporate world to pursue painting full time and has been working on both personal and commissioned pieces since then.

Kina’s work is most noticed for its use of bright colours and vibrant scenes filled with movement. Her background in digital art and design shows through with her attention to detail and smooth finishes in her painted works. She typically paints near-abstract scenes with natural subjects. Her paintings focus on exaggerating or enhancing natural beauty using bright colours and high contrast. Her process relies heavily on her digital art skills, using Photoshop to compile photos and digital paintings to create a starting point for her canvases. The primary medium for her work has been acrylic paint up until mid 2017 when she switched to using primarily oil paints.

Kina continues to showcase her digital illustrations and paintings creating merchandise to support her practice through Etsy. She sells her designs and prints of her original work every year at the Ottawa Comic Convention as well as Otakuthon in Montreal.

She can be found volunteering monthly at Art Battle Ottawa, helping with event logistics and marketing. She has participated in live painting on several occasions and won Art Battle #428 making it to regional finals. Artawa was founded by Kina and her husband Bradley Forney. Together they help run monthly art group meetings as well as publicize art events in the Ottawa region.

Her work has sold online through her website since 2001, and at the Oh So Good Cafe (York St.), The Art House Cafe, Brixton’s Pub & Eatery and Moksha Yoga Orleans.


About Kina Ink

Kina Ink is a personal logo, alias and website used to display Kina’s artwork and used as a personal blog. Kina has had an online presence since 1999. Kina’s first website was techno_shrooms.tripod.com in 1999, and in 2000 she had soap_suds.tripod.com. In 2001 Kina Ink was registered. Kina has always had a personal website, even with the coming and going of platforms such as Deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. It is important to her to retain an online presence in the form of my her personal website. Social media is a tool, but a personal website is a home. She tries to use this as a place to show what she is working on, what’s going in her life at the time, as well as use it as a portal for people to gain access to contact her and see what she am working on.